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The Creative Recycler

Hi there, I am Claire, a Staffordshire based artist and I am The Creative Recycler. Welcome to my world of creating beautiful things from materials destined for landfill!  Why not get in touch if you have something interesting that you'd like to see upcycled. 

My business venture is an exciting sustainable collaboration born from adventures living inSE Asia, tiny living, a volunteer role in a #PRECIOUSPLASTICS workshop and a passion for creativity having spent 25 years in the Graphic Design industry. With the planet in mind and being part of the big change, this has helped create some truly unique art based products. Being eco minded and sustainable is at the core of my small business, and saving single-use items and other interesting materials from landfill, to make totally unique creations from them. We need to #REFUSE single use plastics, #REUSE our items in different ways, #RELOVE items by upcycling and mending, and finally, #RECYCLE responsibly.



Precious Plastics came in to my life in 2018. A group of enthusiastic people based in Holland, eager to help change the planet for the better and address some of the environmental issues around plastic, got together and created Precious Plastics. They create new product from single-use plastics such as bottles, bottle tops, carrier bags, plant pots and more.


My voluntary role as a Creative Recycling Champion at my local Precious Plastics Staffordshire workshop has helped me to further explore even more ways of upcycling, using an abundance of available materials in my local community alone. Right down to the waste plastics we use as a family, to local farmers and village residents, family and friends to supporting where I volunteer, I have a growing supply of interesting materials to create with.


My lampshades are made using LDPE (Low Density Polyethelene) along with fire resistant PVC. The designs are true a unique piece of art. Handcut from single-use plastic, the designs take on their own journey when they’re fused together, creating an exciting sustainable repurposed material. I commit to one type of plastic, enabling ease of recycling if the shade is damaged. Surplus materials from each piece are then worked in to other ranges, feeding the circular economy.


Purchasing one of my bespoke shades is a sustainable investment in your life, and what a great conversation starter too!




"Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded."


When you buy from my small eco business, I actually do a little happy dance :)


You're also helping our local economy and environment by opting for a sustainable purchase from me.

Thank you for supporting my vision and keeping smaller businesses alive.

Smiles and sustainability, Claire x

If you would like to discuss a bespoke sustainable order, or an exciting eco friendly collaboration, then I invite you to get in touch with me direct through email.

I am excited to hear from you soon.

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