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My lampshades are made using LDPE (Low Density Polyethelene) along with fire resistant PVC. The designs are true a unique piece of art. Handcut from single-use plastic, the designs take on their own journey when they’re fused together, creating an exciting sustainable repurposed material. I commit to one type of plastic, enabling ease of recycling if the shade is damaged. Surplus materials from each piece are then worked in to other ranges, feeding the circular economy. Due to the nature of their uniqueness, if ordering an existing design, there will be variations to the new version. I am always sourcing new colours and have limited supplies in stock which helps to keep the individuality of each shade ordered.


The bases that I create are carefully chosen pieces that can fit the brief of becoming a lamp base.

Where possible each base can be re-used for it's original purpose.

Purchasing one of my bespoke shades and bases is a sustainable investment in your life, and what a great conversation starter too!

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