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The Creative Recycler seed was sewn initially from time spent living in SE Asia and witnessing the enormous problems they have with rubbish. Returning to the UK, Claire began volunteering in a Precious Plastics workshop, and with an exploration of single-use plastics all from an American RV in a Derbyshire field during lockdown 2020, the seed sprouted leaves. Founded by Claire in 2021, the collections reflect a passion for sustainability, art and living a more thoughtful way of life. Today, led by Claire, she creates beautifully bespoke, functional, sustainable lampshades and bags using single-use plastics and other materials destined for landfill, also supported with donations from her local community, family and friends. Other sustainable ranges are being designed and will make their way to the world soon.


The hand-crafted collections can be found online and are starting to make their way to other stores across the UK. Her studio continues to design and develop all collections in-house and is proud to be developing such a bespoke collection. With the planet in mind, these sustainable homewares and gifts really are a statement in making vital eco changes to interior design and accessories.

Heritage Crafts


Recently, I attended a very interesting online event run by Heritage Crafts, to learn more about their Red List of Endangered Crafts in the UK.


The HCA first published this list in 2017 and through their commitment to keep the list updated, has seen it increase over the following years to 244 different crafts.


From Shoe Making to Hat Making, there are a huge variety of crafts on the Red List that are in the UK...

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Sustainable art is about finding new ways to benefit the environment through the use of easily accessible and natural materials, and raising awareness on topical issues such as circular economy and committing to sustainable values. More than just a passing fashion trend, sustainable art is now seeing companies showing more eco-conscious practices in their work.


As a fledgling business, RRRR is creating bespoke pieces of art using local community single use plastics, and through up cycling, creating stunning items for sale.

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Community Recycling


Our local community is supported by The Globe Foundation's Community Recycling Station and their many schemes currently running.

We all have a responsibility to recycle our waste in the correct ways, and by making donations to Globe, you can be reassured your clean and sorted items will be recycled in the correct way.

As a family, we regularly use this facility, and it provides a great resource for anyone to use free of charge.

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No Ordinary Words


We’ve all lived through some challenging life lessons, but what if we shared their power to uplift and inspire one another?


In this book, 33 women from around the world, including myself, came together to celebrate the hardships, the celebrations and the revelations of life in today’s world.


From mental health to nature connectedness, from fertility to menopause, belonging and community, this book explores the deeper aspects of life with an open honesty and authenticity found amongst friends.


All proceeds from this book go to two women’s charities, by buying this book you will be supporting the work of TreeSisters and She Has Hope.

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