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The changes of Autumn are brought to life in this beautiful shade.


This unique shade is available for bespoke order only, please contact us for more details.


This shade is made using upcycled LDPE (Low Density Polyethelene) along with new fire resistant PVC. The design is made up of individual handcut pieces from single-use plastic, making the shade a truly unique piece of art. Purchasing one of our lampshades can be a really sustainable investment for your interior. 


The sample shade in the photo measures measures 35cm diameter x 20cm high as pendant shade or lamp base shade. 


Lampshade only. Stand not included.

Each lampshade comes protected in a recycled drawstring bag.

November Leaves Lampshade

  • 35cm diameter x 20cm height

    Can be used as a pendant shade or lamp base shade.

    Contact us for more details.

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