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The Globe Foundation

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

I discovered The Globe Foundation in 2018, quite by accident, nestled in two large garden sheds, situated at a local garden centre, promoting their zero waste shop and sustainable projects which help protect and enhance the natural world by reducing the impact of modern living. I instantly wanted to be part of this new world and accepted the invitation to be a volunteer without hesitation.

Kate Copeland, founder of Globe, has gone from strength to strength and has now settled the growing non-profit business in the Old Mill building in the centre of Uttoxeter.

The centre relies on their dedicated work of our volunteers, who work on a variety of projects both on site and further afield. They provide an amazing Zero Waste Shop, Eco Classrooms, a Precious Plastic Workshop, Community Recycling Hub, Repair Cafe, Community Garden and recent new sustainable town projects.

How Globe supports Refuse Reuse Relove Recycle

As a volunteer with Globe, Kate provides training and support for her volunteers in all areas of the business, including Green Work Pathways via the Sustainable Society programme and various courses via Staffordshire Universities.

Zero Waste Shop

Kate is an avid supporter of our products and regularly stocks our recycled single use plastic zip bags, and two of our dual purpose card ranges.

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