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Becoming a Creative Recycling Champion

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

In 2018, I connected with Kate Copeland, Founder of The Globe Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Staffordshire, working to reduce the impact of modern living on the climate. The business became established only months before I met Kate, and upon hearing more about the projects she was working on, I quickly accepted the suggestion of being a volunteer for their Precious Plastics Staffordshire Workshop. Being one of the first volunteers through the door, I helped to establish the new workshop, integrate new processes, test the machines and learn more about the Precious Plastics movement created by Dave Hakkens in Holland.

Claire with 2 projects she has managed, the recent recycled single use plastic Fair-trade Logo and handpainted Precious Plastics Staffordshire Logo.

Sustainable Crafting and Recycling

I love Kate's ethics for sustainability and helping the local community embrace new ways of living a more eco friendly way of life. I have a real passion for wanting to reduce our plastic use, to be more responsible in recycling and exploring ways to reuse plastics and other materials. I have been involved with many projects through Precious Plastics Staffordshire and have plenty more exciting things in progress.

Impactful changes

Over the 4 years to date, I have been part of the new move to a beautiful old mill and helped bring the dream of a better more permanent workshop to life. There is constant learnings involved with the Precious Plastics machines and has involved connections with AMCASH at the University of Birmingham through funding, bringing in more volunteers with more specific skill sets, all to help start producing better products to sell in their zero waste shop to help bring in much needed funds.

Giving back to the community is a wonderful thing to do. Not only do I provide my time and skills, in return, this small eco business is very much supported by Kate.

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